Thursday, May 6, 2010

a night with smashbox

Morning girls,

Jenni here...

Uni is more than hectic at the moment, thus the lack of posting (sorry!). Just a quick post today to tell you about the great night we had at the Smashbox VIP night at Kit Cosmetics. It was crraazyy!! We were shown a demonstration on how to apply the basics and they had ALL the product for us to try!

We got a tiny sample kit with the original primer, under eye brightener and intuitive O-Gloss.

Our tickets were redeemable on any Smashbox products, so I bought the Photo Finish Primer Light. The light primer is made of 60% water, so it won't make your skin oily and break you out. I tried the sample of the original formula and it definitely feels more oily compared to the light version, which I found to be more creamy. The light primer is white (but goes on clear; the original one is clear) and comes in a pump bottle. I've heard some complaints about the pump system, especially once the product is almost used up. But they've designed it so one to one and a half pumps is enough for your entire face.


I've been wearing this for the last couple of days. It makes your skin feel very soft and not oily at all once you apply it (make sure you use it sparingly though: one pump was enough for my face).

So, did it work? Yes! Well, so far so good :) I put my makeup on at about 11am and by 7pm, I still had it on. It is also supposed to reduce pores and fill in fine lines - which I didn't really notice any difference, but that is not much of a concern for me. I'm just glad my makeup can last 8+ hours

Downside? The price! AUD $54.95 at Kit. I was a bit disappointed seeing as though it only cost US $36 in the America.

Repurchase? Probably, but I think I'll look around to find a cheaper place to buy it from!

The other Smashbox product that has caught my eye is the under eye brightener. I tried the brightener sample on my mum, thinking it wouldn't work too well. But I was pretty impressed with the results. It lightened up the area really well, and with caffeine in it, it also helps the puffiness go down.

All in all, it was a fun night: sushi, cupcakes and makeup - what more do you need?

LOTS of posts to come including Cherry Culture haul and more nail swatches! :)

Till then,

jenni&ying xo

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