Thursday, May 6, 2010

a night with smashbox part deux courtesy of ying

Hello Ladies,

So I have to say that the smashbox event as kitcosmetics was wonderful. As Jen said, the night was fun with cupcakes and San Pellegrino in cute little bottles; however the makeup was a bit ... well let's just say at first, I was a little unimpressed with the smashbox range. Other than the primer, I wasn't really keen to try anything else. To say the least, I was hoping for something colourful and attention grabbing but nothing jumped out at me.

That is, until I had a chat to this woman -

Robin Flanagan who is the international makeup artist for Smashbox. She introduced me to a great blush which she was wearing. This colour can only be described as coral or salmon pink (courtesy of Jenni) the actual name of the shade is Paradise. I was very surprised to find a blush I liked from the Smashbox range as just looking at the colours, they were nothing special but when I tried out Paradise, I found it quite pretty. The colour is perfect for the asian complexion as it is slightly orangey and there is a subtle hint of colour without being too over the top. Price: $34.95

The evening only got better from then on. I decided to at least give their eyeshadows a go and dabbed a bit on my hand. Jenni and I found that the colours, whilst very neutral, had great pigmentation and looked lovely on. I was hooked, line and sinker by the shade 24K which (as you may have guessed) is a gold colour. Apparently, this shade has real 24K gold particles which gives it just that much more shine and radiance than just a normal gold coloured eyeshadow. The only problem with their eyeshadow range is the lack of colour choice. They had mainly neutral browns, champagne and black colours and as Jen noted sadly, they had no pink colours. Price: $24.95

I have tried the primer sample that I got, and it does live up to its reputation. The primer glided onto my skin smoothly and everything stayed where it should be for the day.

Verdict: Smashbox does have a great primer however, the prices are a bit steep and as we found out many times that night, the colours in their range are very easily found with other makeup brands such as NYX. I didn't buy a full size primer because I desperately want to try the Make Up For Every high definition primer which is also quite expensive so I'm saving for it. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a sample to try out and give you ladies a good review.

That's all from me for today,

jenni&ying xo

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