Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nail art update

Jenni here and uni is all stress stress stress! Solution? Time out and nail art obviously.

Nothing brightens me up more (well, almost nothing) than to look down at sparkling pretty nails :) Here is a few NOTDs I've done in the past couple of weeks.

I wore this to the Smashbox event. It is a simple pink french using OPI A Dozen Rosas as the base and OPI Pink Flemenco on the tip. No guides needed for this one: just start from the side of the nail and sweep a curve to the middle of the nail tip. Finish with a line of glitter to mask those wonky lines!

Here is the plain swatch for A Dozen Rosas. Its a creamy dusty pink.

Flowers! Never tried this before, but they are surprisingly easy to pull off. Just dot five white dots in a circle without them touching. Drag a toothpick or dotting tool from the middle of a dot to the centre of the circle. Finish by adding a pink dimonte to the middle of the flower. Here I've used OPI Cozu Melted In The Sun as the base.

Marble art has always fascinated me and this is my very first try. It's a little more difficult than it looks and takes a lot of patience. 

♥ To do, get a cup of water (preferably a disposable one, or an old glass jar) and drip a drop of polish of a desired colour into the cup. It should spread out to the size of the cup. 
♥ Drip a second colour into the cup and repeat this process until you get what looks like a bulls eye. 
♥ Drag a toothpick or dotting tool through the polish to make a pretty pattern. 
♥ Use sticky tape to cover the bare skin around your nail. 
♥ Dip nail into the cup and keep it emersed in water while gathering excess polish up with a stick. 
♥ Lift nail up, remove tape and clean edges with nail polish remover. 
♥ Finish by adding glitter lines to the design and use a top coat.

This is something that you can't touch up so it's nice for a special event (or to show of to fellow bloggers :P)

The colours I used are OPI Koala Berry, OPI Do You Lilac It? and OPI No Room For The Blues:

Well hope you liked that :) 

Hope everyone had a lovely mothers' day!

Till next time,

jenni&ying xo


  1. OoooOhhh very pretty! I love them all!

  2. Omg so awesome!!I am in love with the bottom one!~ Very cute bloggg :)


  3. The blue & pink combo looks so good.

  4. What an amazing effect! It looks hard to do though!