Sunday, May 30, 2010

purple comparison


After seeing Ying's post, i decided to pull out my purple OPI "Do You Lilac It?" and try it on to compare. Purple honestly hasn't been one of my favourite colours but every now and then, I get purple fever. So here is my swatch (2 coats, base & top):

This photo shows up quite light, but it is a lot deeper/darker than OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and less pink. It has a very creamy consistency and if you aren't careful with you application, it can tend to streak. I'd recommend waiting a few minutes between each coat to avoid this.

It's not a colour I enjoy wearing all the time as I'm more of a pink person and so I prefer LLL > DYLI. Let me know which one you like better!

Exams are coming very soon so apologies if Ying and I are MIA in the coming weeks.

jenni&ying xo


  1. I love the colour!
    And you have an amazing nail shape girl

  2. The color is nice but it would be much prettier if it has more purple. But still it looks good on your nails ♥

  3. This is such a lovely color. I love purples!