Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jenni's mini opi haul & swatches

Hello girls,

I recently purchased OPI "Isn't that Precious?" for my sister's birthday and decided to pick up a couple of others (as you do).

To the left is OPI "Suzi & the Lifeguard" and to the right is OPI "Princesses Rule!" These are both gorgeous shades, particularly if you LOVE pink!!

First off, I tried Suzi & the Lifeguard. It is a very sweet creamy pink. Below I'm wearing two coats and, with a base and top coat, it didn't chip once during the 7 days I wore it!

Next is Princesses Rule! This polish has a lot of depth. Under certain lights, it can look like a very Barbie pink while other times, it reflects a very subtle light champagne pink. No matter what lighting though, it reflects light amazingly! Very sparkly (and I love it!). It is a sheer polish. Below is two coats and is still a bit sheer. I'd love to try one coat of this polish over a light creamy beige or pink.

That's it for now! Next time I see my sis I'll have to swatch the "Isn't that Precious?" for you!

Exams are pending...  back to the books

jenni&ying xo

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  1. suzi and the lifeguard looks pretty! LOL the name is pretty funny