Monday, April 26, 2010

attn: smashbox has landed!

To all you Australian ladies: it is now official! Smashbox has landed on our shores (and in our stores)! Ying and I are very excited to bring you back all the latest Smashbox hype next week after the launch event at Kit Cosmetics. We will be meeting Smashbox's global makup artist, Robin Flanagan, to steal all those beauty tips & tricks! So lookout for that one!

Moooree OPI swatches! Here is I'm Not Really a Waitress.

The photo above seemed a bit bright so here's a few more shots that capture the true colour (no flash & flash):


I don't own many red nail polishes as I've always opted for pink, but this is really stunning on. It's a very deep red - kinda reminds me of eating raspberries and blueberries :) I can see this becoming one of my winter favourites!

To other news, I hope everyone had a thoughtful ANZAC day. To see all those involved in the war marching our streets (including my dad, whom I'm very proud of) was incredibly moving. 


We would like like to thank littomokaa  giving us this award ^.^

Rules are: 

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

So many inspirations so we will post nominations soon!

And finally, we are so excited to get our Cherry Culture order arrive today! Definitely have more to come on that one :D

Stay tuned beautyholics ;)

jenni&ying xo


  1. Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog (I'm so late ahah!)

    I now follow you (=

  2. I love the cherry blossoms at the top of your page!! Jealous!