Sunday, April 18, 2010

as mother nature intended ... almost!

TA DA! We finally got our act together and did our pretty pictures. I have to admit that we look pretty good ... hehe. Remember, the aim of the look is to highlight your natural beauty and maybe help get rid of the flaws that you don't like. For me, I have big cheeks so I just contour it slightly with blush to make it look higher and I hate my eyelashes so I just add a ton of mascara!

Also, these pictures are good because it shows what basic undertone we have. I have a more olive undertone whereas Jen has a more pink undertone so depending on what your skin is like, you're probably going to follow either mine or Jen's recommendations more.

Feel free to ask away,

jenni&ying xo


  1. Hiiiiiiii girlssss!!!
    Oh oh lovely to meet another Australian bloggers! This is especially interesting cause there are 2 of you hehe! Lovely photos by the way!

    Everyday Minerals for me is the best in terms of foundation, blushes range, brushes, price-wise is amazing as well! Very affordable!

    ^^ *Keep in touch!