Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hi Ladies,

So just wanted to do a quick update on a few random things that I've been doing. First of all, here's a swatch from one of the OPIs that I got -

Ind-ia Mood for Love

I really love this colour and this bright pink shade is always my go-to colour when I'm going out because it works well with my skin tone and adds a bit of colour to my usually black or nude outfits. Also I find that a lot of people tend to tone down their nail polish colour during winter (which seems appropriate because obviously everything tends to be that much bleaker) but for me I love to have some bright summery colours on my nails because it adds a little beauty to my day :)

Also, just wanted to show everyone what I got for my mum for Mother's Day (on the second sunday of every May for the slackers out there :P) It's a Treader Drum Pouch in Ivory and a Treader Mini Purse also in Ivory. I am absolutely in love with the drum pouch - love the style, the colour and the fact that it's Mimco! The strap is adjustable and sits just above the hips.

And lastly, I recently bought some contacts online and they just arrived. They are Impressions contacts in Blue and from afar, I think they're quite subtle. I usually wear clear contacts so it's nice change having a different eye colour. Why not fake what genetics couldn't give me ... hehehe. Just be careful where you buy your contacts from ladies. I buy mine from Clearly Contacts which is a Canadian based Contacts/Glasses e-tailer and they have a very good reputation.

So that's all for my little post, and I'll be back soon with a vlog - possibly on curling hair or quick beauty tips.

jenni&ying xo

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