Sunday, April 11, 2010

foundations & fundamentals

Hello lovely readers, 

Jen and I thought that our first post should definitely be an introduction into what we wear everyday ... our 'neutral' looks so to speak. Firstly though, We'd just like to say welcome to our beauty blog. It's been a long time in the making and after much procrastination we can't believe that it's finally beginning to take shape. We wanted to start this blog because Jen and I both love makeup and beauty related things but being uni students, we don't set aside a lot of money to spend on products. This means that our tips, ideas and recommendations are usually based on what we can afford and hopefully give you help and inspiration into being beautiful regardless of how much you want/have to spend.

Secondly, introductions!

In a few words: my name is Jenni and I'm Australian, blonde, tall and white (and lack the capacity to tan); I am studying engineering; love love love cute, sparkly things (like this); and I have a passion for art, photography, anime, shopping and cooking. So before this turns into a personal ad, let me move on to what we really are talking about here: makeup!

The photo above shows a few basic things that get me through every day:

1. Innoxa Satin Sheen Natural Finish Makeup in Buttermilk
2. Chi Chi Real Mineral Foundation (loose power) in Light
3. Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara
4. NYX Blush in Natural

...all of which I find do there job incredibly for the price I paid them. Oh that's another thing I love: sales

Being not so popular and somewhat expensive compared to other jewels in my makeup bag, I stumble across Innoxa from a free full-sized sample I scored from Ying and I'm hooked. It has a really good medium coverage which is perfect for work and everyday and lasts the whole day without primer or powder. It's Australian too so I definitely recommend it.

Chi Chi loose powder is great in summer by itself and works well over my liquid foundation to give a full coverage. Down side is the colour is a little too dark/orange for me which kinda give me the effect of a bronzer if I don't use it sparingly. But that's okay, seeing as I bought it for around $10 and it helps hide my albino appearance ;) On the contrary, I have my eye on everday minerals foundation, which stock a large range of foundation colours, so if I persuade my bank account into another shopping spree, I'll post a review about that.

I've gone through many a mascara including a few Maybelline, Innoxa, Naponleon and Bourjois, but my favourite favourite is Covergirl's Lash Exact Waterproof. I find it doesn't smudge compared to others and it and holds curl really well!! So I will proudly defend this mascara in front of DiorShow any day.

NYX is my favourite cosmetic brand because their eyeshadows are fantastic. Can't go wrong with this blush either- and it comes in so many colours!

So that sums up my must have basic items.

My turn! My name is Ying and like Jen, I was doing engineering but then I changed to commerce! In hindsight, it was probably because I wasn't as blonde or as tall or as smart as Jen :( I love shiny things (you can't get me away from the Swarovski stores), shopping, cupcake making/eating and debating ... or getting into a really good argument. I can't live without my hair straightener and basic makeup.

From the photo above they are:

1. Revlon Photoready Liquid foundation in Golden Beige (no 008)
2. Bourjois Matte Mousse foundation in Beige (no 83)
3. Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara in Black
4. Poppy King Lipstick in Pink Sinner

I have only recently started using Revlon Photoready because I'd heard such good reviews about it and it was on sale at Myer ... I haven't looked back and am absolutely in love with it :D. It glides on so smoothly and gives a great medium coverage that lasts all day. I use it almost everyday now whereas before I used the Bourjois foundation a lot. However, although the Boujois foundation gives great coverage, I find that it's quite thick in comparison to the Photoready so I only use it when I've given my skin a few days to rest so it doesn't clog my pores.

The Masterpiece mascara is definitely high on my list of recommendations. Its quite an old formula but it is a classic. Being asian, my eyelashes are unfortunately very short and stubby and I find that this mascara give me the length and curl that makes my eyes look that bit larger :)

And I have to say LipstickQueen is a fantastic label for lipsticks/liglosses or any of your lip needs. It was started by a woman called Poppy King who is just so passionate about lipsticks. The colour range is huge and I've found with my Pink Sinner that its really creamy and looks au natural ... it also doubles as a blush for those of you with teeny clutches and even teenier budgets!

So that's it for our first post and we hope that it's given you insight into what we beauty addicts put on every morning. List your favourite products in the comment box and give us some hints as well. We'll be posting a video on our natural looks soon so watch this space and subscribe!

jenni&ying xo