Saturday, April 24, 2010

a modern touch

Hello guys,

Just a quick post today on a tutorial I did last night on a modern version of the french nail. I've gone for a darker colour, Russian Navy (one of my favourites!) but you can use any colour you like. 

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to french nails so I'm a big fan of guides. Instead of a straight line french, I've gone for a pointed tip using DIY guides I made from some self-adhesive ring-file-binder labels (you know those ones that stop your pages from ripping out of the file?).  This a really easy way to get perfect lines, and its a lot cheaper too!

So here is my very first YouTube vid! Apologies for the bad quality (my mac camera isn't the best).

A few tips:
• If you happen to smudge the polish, just clean up the area with a cotton tip and polish remover. 
• I find it best not to use a base coat as the stickers tend to peel off any nail polish underneath, and it also is easier to remove mistakes
• Wonky lines? Don't worry, you can always cover it up with the glitter line
• Want a more natural look? Try going for a white tip and coat full nail with a transparent pink for a traditional french look
• Want more drama? Add more rhinestones to nails or go for a brighter colour!

Surprisingly, touch ups are really easy. Just start your brush above the silver line and sweep towards the top and apply a fresh topcoat.

The photo above doesn't give this colour justice - its a lovely dark purply royal blue in the light :) very stunning

Speaking of nice coloured nail polish, OPI has now released their soft shades for 2010 and they are incredibly cute and ALL PINK!

Isn't that Precious? Pink-a-Doodle I Think in Pink It’s a Girl

I have my eyes on Pink-a-Doodle, but I also need to keep reminding myself that I just bought a lot of OPI. 

Hope you guys like the vid :) More to come soon!

Talk to you all soon

jenni&ying xo


  1. Haha, I think I have to perfect putting nail polish on normally first before I do something so creative. I really really like this idea though. Your nails are in brilliant condition. And the music you chose just reminds me of (500) Days of Summer. ♥

  2. aw thanks :) i LOVE that movie!