Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hi ladies,

Ok, so three exams down one to go! Can't believe how I survived ... hehe.

I was going to do a Fiberwig/Shu Uemura post but unfortunately I've been having some problems with my eyes ... have yet to go see the doctor because I haven't had the time but basically they're a bit dry/swollen - gross I know. I'm holding off on wearing any eye makeup until I get a chance to see the doctor so unfortunately the post is going to be a while in the making!

But onto more pleasant things; I've bought quite a clothes in the last couple of weeks, so I'll definitely do a big haul post when I receive everything. In the meantime here's an outfit that's brand new but I haven't had a chance to wear yet - still waiting on tights from Asos.com as it's quite chilly in the land of West Oz at the moment.

The entire outfit is from Forever New which is a mid-range Australian brand. I absolutely love love love their dresses, skirts and tops! Sooooo pretty and feminine.

The cardigan is so versatile because it can be worn as a knitted top or as a cardigan and the tulle skirt is a lovely pink/nude colour. Still looking for a pair of flats to wear with it though as I seem to only have black flats :( at least it'll give me an excuse to buy new shoes :D

Also, I'm on a hunt for a new pink shade of lipstick. Mine is running out and I thought I'd give another brand a go. Have been looking at some Rouge Volupté lipsticks by YSL; namely Nude Beige. I love how YSL have such creamy and pigmented lipsticks but I'll have to go instore to try Nude Beige out to see how it works with my skin tone.

Anywho, I shall get back to study now but if any of you girls have a recommendation on a nice pinky shade, let me know!

jenni&ying xo


  1. You MUST get YSL rouge volupte in nude beige! It is the most beautiful colour and it just feels so luxurious. It's my favourite lippie by far.

    Thank you ladies for stopping by my blog and commenting =)

  2. like nude colorssss <33

    ps. I gave you an award!
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