Friday, June 25, 2010

And then came the uni break ...

My apologies for this much delayed post! Jen and I have both been really busy with ... relaxing. Oh, and working as well. You'd think that with all the free time that we've been having this blog would be full of new and exciting posts but unfortunately, the free time has just made us more lazy. :O But so much to say tell in this post!

I finally went and saw SATC 2 with a couple of girlfriends and it was Uh-Mazing! I know that it's had a few bad reviews but overall I think that most of us girls go just to see what Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are going to be wearing in each scene.

My absolute favourite outfit - Carrie wore this when out shopping at a spice market in Abu Dhabi

It's just so whimsical and NYC meets a fairytale!

Also, just wanted to show you girls this - 

That's right, we ate popcorn from a shoe box! I have to say, why didn't someone think of this earlier? Ah, the novelty of eating out of a SATC 2 shoe box ... hehehe, still makes me giggle.

Jen and I went out to an amazing pizza place called Little Caesars in Leederville ( The owner Theo Kalogeracos has won many international awards for his pizzas.

We had to line up for about 15 minutes which in Perth, means that the place is definitely worth going to. For those of you that don't know, Perth is the Capital of Western Australia and is the most isolated city in the world. That's not to say we're all stuck in the middle of the desert with no communication with the outside world, but it does take a while for things to hit our shores and we usually never have to queue up for getting into a restaurant.

We had the Spanokopita, Jane's Addiction and Greek Lamb pizzas which were the best pizza to be had in Perth and dare I say the whole of Australia but they were nothing compared to The Black Forest dessert pizza. 

In the words of Usher - Oh My Gosh! It was this deliciously warm chocolate cake/very thin pizza crust confection with cherries, ice-cream, cream and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Jen and I basically salivated just looking at it. Unfortunately, in the midst of our Black Forest craze, we forgot to take pictures but I managed to find one on the internet which I am going to borrow courtesy of some other random internet blogger.

Is that not the most orgasmic thing you've ever seen?!? We will definitely be going back!

Also, my 21st birthday is coming up and my parents, being the generous and loving parents that they are, took me shopping for my big birthday present. I fell in love with an Omega Watch from Watches of Switzerland on King St. It's from their women's Constellation collection called the Quadrella. It looks so classy yet young as well - the coloured gemstones makes a nice change from Omega's usual style of just using diamonds. So I'm a very happy girl :D

Phew! Very long post, but I promise that I will be regularly updating so they shouldn't be as long as this one in the future. Well, at least I hope so. Thanks so much for reading til the end!

jenni&ying xo

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